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Company Information

Our company has roots that date back to 1996. In the beginning, the business was a services company and we did not sell hardware or software. We provided POS installation services for large and small companies across the country. Some of our projects included the 1996 Atlanta Olympics, the US Open Tennis Stadium, the Cincinnati Airport, and the Oklahoma City Airport. The original focus on service still exists today and is a core principal of our business.

The business grew quickly and at the suggestion of some good friends, we began to offer a little known product called Aloha. In those days, Aloha was pioneering the transition to Windors based POS systems. We refocused our business on providing turnkey POS systems to restaurant and food service operators in New York, New Jersey and Connecticut. We rapidly became one of the largest Aloha dealers in the country.

In 2002 we discovered Dinerware, a relatively new POS system that was based on the most current Microsoft technologies, including the .net framework and SQL database technology. Most businesses can tell a story about the 'moment' that changed the course of their business, and Dinerware was that event for us. Dinerware delivers an ease of use and reliability that we had never seen in POS software. With Dinerware, we can deliver a solution requires less training, lower costs and higher reliability. Dinerware truly is a great restaurant POS system. We have built our business on it!

Over the years we have been honored to receive many awards, including:

  • 2002 Inc 500 Fastest Growing Companies
  • Aloha Salesperson of the Year
  • Aloha Dealer of the Year
  • Dinerware Partner of the Year
  • Dinerware Sales Award
  • Dinerware Marketing Award
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Recent News & Updates

At the annual Dinerware Partner Conference POS2GO was honored with the most prestigous dealer award, Dinerware Partner of the Year.

The highly coveted Partner of the Year award is bestowed upon the Dinerware Dealer that shows the highest level of committment to the Dinerware products and excels in all aspects of their business, including sales, product development...

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